Your Name and Your Face in a Race

I was meditating on names that have greatness attached to it due to the bearer’s positive influence in our world-names like, Jesus, Walter Disney, Henry Ford, Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, Leonardo Da Vinci, L Mathin Luther King, Mohammed Ghandi, Sam Adeyemi…. it dawned on me that no name is great or sounds great itself. Your name will only be great and sound great to people after you have done something great not just to yourself but most importantly with yourself. What you do TO yourself is YOU centred, but what you do WITH yourself is OTHERS centred. i.e. How much you are willing to sacrifice with the pure intention of making an impact with yourself in the life of others, your community, your society, your organization, and your country. A farmer shouldn’t expect any harvest if he or she refuses to sacrifice the seed he or she posseses. It’s what you let go( the seed) that determines how much and how fast you will grow (the harvest). And how much you have grown(your Impact) determines how far your name would go in history(your Legacy). The challenge is not that we don’t know what to do, in fact mostimes, we know the rules and laws, we have an idea about the kind of price we need to pay to win the prize, but the real challenge is getting ourselves to obey those rules and laws. We struggle and fight with ourselves to pay the demanding price, give up the sacrifice, and obey those rules that we know deeply within us that would bring us the kind of result(prize) we desire. Fame respect those who desire fame, but according to the rule of life, fame is only liable to give fame to those who make demands for fame with their sacrifices. Relating to the law of motion, Fame(your name and face) remains in a state of rest until a force is applied. The force here is your sacrifice and the price you are willing to pay. This is my own personal way of defining Wisdom: doing what you know that works, not just knowing what to do that works. Doing what you know is the force applied which in turn propel you for greatness.

My Role Model- Fela Durotoye said, “Your name doesn’t need a visa to travel around the world” (i.e. If you’re making an outstanding impact wherever you’re in the globe, your name will out-run and out-shine your face). Another great Role Model of mine-Sam Adeyemi said, “The fact that you can’t see a thing is not a prove that the thing doesn’t exist” (i.e, the fact that people can’t see your face doesn’t mean that you do not exist).  Therefore, I came to this conclusion that, in the place of fame, your name is more recognized than your face,but when traced, your face is seen. Am watching out for your Fame,Face,and Name. Make it happen now…You are loaded than you could ever imagine!


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