What makes a good Teacher?

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What makes a good Teacher?

By Daniel O. Balogun

Every teacher has a message, but a good teacher has a unique language that helps student understand the message.
There are 3 key factors that make up the language of a good teacher:

1- Passion:
Every teacher’s mission is to teach, but passion makes a good teacher. Passion is the food of the soul; it generates a spark that re-illuminates a teacher’s purpose and mission. It endows a teacher with the power to communicate with unbridled enthusiasm, sincerity and authenticity. When a teacher is passionate about teaching, the passion helps the teacher see what others cannot see in their students. The insight inspires and influences the teacher to come up with creative ideas that help the student get into the subject.

Passion is that thing that wakes you up with an energized excitement and a burning desire to do what you love to do. I think one question that should distinguish a good teacher from an ordinary teacher is, “Will you still be a teacher if no one is willing to pay you a salary?” Actually, we can use this question to evaluate our passion for any chosen career or endeavor. Yes, we all need to earn a living, but we don’t want to be lost earning a living

2- Communication:
Every teacher speaks in their class, but good teachers communicate-open communication. Open communication creates a dialogue atmosphere that helps the teacher understand the language of the student. There is always a big conflict when students don’t understand the language of the teacher and the teacher doesn’t understand the language of the students. Open communication can bridge this barrier.  Having a freedom of communication with students beyond subject matter makes the class interesting and brings the student into the subject with the teacher appealing to the best in them.
Open communication helps the teacher to get the quiet and reserved students to participate and become active member of the class.

A good teacher understands that he or she is not just dealing with human figures, but with human minds.  Most times, students come to class with different state of mind due to personal issues, and this is no teacher’s fault, but a good teacher studies the atmosphere, understands the emotional tension and uses the power of open communication to get the student’s attention. With open communication, a good teacher can get the knowledge (information) into the student in an understandable way in one hour than an ordinary teacher would do in ten hours.

3- Inspiration:
A good teacher has the ability to inspire and motivate his or her students, ginger aspiration in them by sharing success stories and life experiences. These awaken the sleeping potentials and giants in the students. Why do teachers need to inspire their students? I believe what water is for agriculture, education is for the vitality of a nation. Therefore teachers are nation builders. They build nations by inspiring their student, with-in subject matter and beyond subject matters. These success stories and experiences stay with the students even after the teacher is gone, and it helps them to put the extra effort needed to be their best.

In conclusion, a good student makes a good teacher. Everybody loves to see the result of their labor. The result of a good teacher is not salary, but ultimately a good student.



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